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  x 07LOS was founded in 1992 by a group of St.-Petersburg scientists and engineers, active in the field of laser physics and technique with the purpose to accelerate the employment of the scientific results in the innovation design projects. Starting from its establishment one of leading fields of the Company profile was development and production of new types of diode-pumped solid-state lasers.


                                               Since establishment LOS has completed several dozen contract activities, ordered by Western  European, x 09American, Japanese and Chinese customers.

      Today main directions of Company activities are the diode pumped solid state lasers (lasers, emitting in the eyesafe spectral range; high stability lasers; short-pulse lasers) and gaseous lasers (CO2 lasers; iodine lasers).


      x 08 The Company possesses the optical and measurement apparatus, laboratory and industrial premises, equipped at least as 5th class clean room.

    The developments of LOS Company are to a large extent based on the scientific and technical potential and the staff of the Research Institute for Laser Physics (now – the Institute for Laser Physics of the Scientific and Industrial Corporation "Vavilov State Optical Institute").

      The Company is well known both in Russia and abroad due to the high level of its developments. The Company actively participates in Russian and international exhibitions.

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